SALUTE [1:1 Direct Digital Master Cut CD]

Status: This product is currently out-of-print
【24k CDR 1:1 Direct Cut Master】

Each CD produced by professional individually. Original certificate along with serial number, limited edition, highly collectible value.

Song List
Disc #1
1. 童年時
2. 但願人長久
3. 紙船
4. 明星
5. 從不知
6. 滴汗
7. 漫天風雨
8. 這是愛
9. 雪中情89
10. 似水流年
Leslie Cheung
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)

Audiophile Info

Audiophile Format:
1:1 Direct Cut CD
Audiophile Labels:
Universal Music