Each In a Different Corner Of The World [XRCD]

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20 bit K2 Super Cooing

This is Rain Forest Studio's first XRCD2, the sound quality, positioning and sense of layer are perfect. This album features 16 classic Mandarin pop songs.

Song List
Disc #1
  1.   人約黃昏後
  2.   一水隔天涯
  3.   我怎能離開你
  4.   東山飄雨西山晴
  5.   再見,我的愛人
  6.   人面桃花
  7.   假如我是真的
  8.   山茶花
  9.   向日葵
  10.   相見在明天
  11.   偶然的相遇
  12.   從今日起
  13.   雲河
  14.   襟裳岬
  15.   有誰知我此時情
  16.   償還
Lily Chan
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1 Disc(s)

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Rain Forest Studio