Zhong Mingqiu - Flower in Water 鍾明秋 水中花 DSD CD

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鍾明秋  水中花

Zhong Mingqiu - Flower in Water (Produced by Tianyi)

Track List:
01. 眼泪为你流 Tears For You
02. 似是故人来 You Make Me Think Of The Past Times
03. 水中花 Flower In Water
04. 归来吧 Come Back To Me
05. 情系半生 The Love Of My Life
06. 沉默是金 Silence Is Golden
07. 夜夜念奴娇 Think Of you
08. 零时十分 Happy Birthday To Me
09. 人生何处不相逢 We Will Meet Again
10. 一生何求 Happiness Consists In Contentment
11. 单车 Bicycle
12. 讲不出再见 Cannot Say Goodbye

Zhong Mingqiu
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)
Label Co.:
Fung Hang Records