Basil Poledouris - The Touch OST 天脈傳奇 原聲碟 DVD-R

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Basil Poledouris - The Touch Original Soundtrack DVD Rom 天脈傳奇 原聲

This DVD reveals the secrets behind the film. It includes:
i. private collection of photos from Michelle Yeoh, Thomas Chung, and behind-the-scene private photos from Oscar winner, Peter Pau
ii. never-seen location scouting footages from the eyes of the producers
iii. 5.1 channel digital surround sound soundtrack

Track List:
01. Legend Of The Touch
02. The Monkey King Enthralls
03. The Loveable Thief
04. The Heart Of Don Huang
05. In The Heart Of The Night
06. Memories of Days Gone
07. Trouble Under Blue Skies
08. To The Rescue
09. "Who Will Know"
10. Glimpses Down The Path
11. A Light Dimmed
12. Farewell King Soul
13. Healing Of Hearts
14. Thru' The Forest
15. Secrets Revealed
16. "I`ll Never Leave You"
17. Destiny Awaits
18. I Believe
19. Time To Choose
20. The Touch

The Touch
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)