The DALI Jazz Edition - The Velvet Blues

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The DALI Jazz Edition

GinmanBlachmanDahl is an exceptional trio on the Scandinavian jazz scene and were the first Danish group ever released by legendary Verve Records. The trio consists of three significant musical personalities and leading figures on the Danish music scene: Lennart Ginmann, Thomas Blachman & Carsten Dahl.

"The Velvet Blues" is the trio's third release - and their first in collaboration with DALI. From a tight, rhythmic pulsing swing beat to abstract, dissolving free structures, it is music of its time rooted in the classic, beguiling melancholy of jazz, yet simultaneously invoking a universal meeting among three virtuoso instrumentalists. It is an attempt to make time stand still, in a moment of utter selflessness in the service of music..

~Made in EU~


 1. Night And Day - Cole Porter
 2. The Blues Pace - GinmanBlachmanDahl
 3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg
 4. Into The Rain - GinmanBlachmanDahl
 5. Blue In Green - Miles Davis
 6. All The Things You Are - Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein
 7. The Beat - GinmanBlachmanDahl
 8. Someday My Prince Will Come - Frank Churchill/Larry Morey
 9. As We Speak - GinmanBlachmanDahl
10. The Blue Magic - GinmanBlachmanDahl
11. Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis
12. When You Wish Upon A Star - Leigh Harline/Ned Washington
13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Session
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