Anne Bisson ‎– Keys to my Heart 【180G-2LP】

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【加拿大全方位爵士才女Anne Bisson,第6張專輯再次展現其超凡魅力。】
Anne Bisson-Keys to my heart她的聲音依然有著強大感染力,與樂器的搭配可說完美無缺。專輯在美國洛杉磯United Recording錄製,實力班底仍由赫赫有名的知名錄音師 Michael C. Ross 錄音,剪輯及混音製作 Bernie Grundman 親手操刀。

【45rpm-180G-2LP】(風行發行)  ~Limited Edition with Serial Numbers~

Song List

Side A
 1. Killing Me Softly
 2. Icarus
 3. In a Whisper

Side B
 1. No Problem
 2. Where Am I Now?
 3. Hour of the Wolf

Side C
 1. Hunger in Your Heart
 2. Slip into My Limousine
 3. Climbing in the Clouds

Side D
 1. I’m Sorry (J’ai d’la peine)
 2. For Me, Formidable
Anne Bisson
No. of Disc:
2 Disc(s)

Audiophile Info

Audiophile Format:
Vinyl LP
Audiophile Labels:
Fung Hang Records