David Darling - 8-String Religion [24 bit DXD]

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Eight String Religion features eight nature-oriented pieces that evoke the unity of nature, humanity, and music. "Sweet River" features recordings of songbirds and water from a wilderness canyon blended with delicate string textures, piano and vocals, while "Sojourn" swells with soft keyboards, cello, and ocean sounds. More traditionally, the album's title track highlights Darling's technical skills, meshing an acoustic cello melody with a plucked rhythm figure. Eight String Religion is a creative, intimate recording from a unique collaboration.

~DXD 24 bit 352.8 KHz Mastering 99.9999% Silver~

Song List

 1. Minor Blue
 2. 8-String Religion
 3. Remember
 4. Sweet River
 5. Only One Wish
 6. Sojourn
 7. Clouds
 8. Soft Light

David Darling
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