The Lost World - Michael Sterns & Friends [24 bit DXD]

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Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD) is an audio encoding scheme that was developed for editing high-resolution recordings because DSD, the audio standard used on Super Audio CD is not ideally suited for editing. DXD is a PCM-like signal with 24-bit resolution sampled at 352.8 kHz - eight times 44.1 kHz, the sampling frequency of Red Book CD. The data rate is 11.2896 Mbit/s - four times that of DSD!

~DXD 24 bit 352.8 KHz Mastering 99.9999% Silver~

Song List

 1. Kama Meru
 2. Lost World Theme
 3. Ima Paru
 4. Maripak: the Last Pterodactyl
 5. Matawi: Killer of Men
 6. Sabana
 7. Volcano
 8. Auyan
 9. Warao
10. St. Francis
11. Crystal Canyon
12. Lost World Reprise
Michael Sterns
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1 Disc(s)

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Audiophile CD
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First Impression Music