Rhymoi, the Music of China [1:1 Direct Cut CD]

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[24k Master Tape CDR 1:1 Direct Cut]

The selection included Ryhmoi Music's works over the years, from traditional to modern, from the original ecology to world music, each work, contests not only the music for the majority of the domestic audience favorite, but also sought after by foreign music lovers. This title produces the same spirit of the original and perfect sound quality.


Song List
Disc #1
  1.   昆曲‧牡丹亭 ~ (from "粉墨是夢1")
  2.   落花飛 ~ (from "杏花天影")
  3.   花兒為什麼這樣紅 ~(from "映山紅")
  4.   東方舞曲 ~ (from "玫瑰三願")
  5.   儀式 ~ (from "藏.密")
  6.   夢的華爾茲 ~ (from "47弦的記憶")
  7.   金戈鐵馬入夢來 ~ (from "鼓舞心弦")
  8.   雨夜花 ~ (from "思鄉曲")
  9.   京韵大鼓‧劍閣聞鈴 ~ (from "小曲兒")
  10.   十面埋伏 ~ (from "國樂.炫技")
  11.   你們可知道 ~ (from "琴迷歌劇夜")
  12.   關山月 ~ (from "琴")
  13.   將進酒 ~ (from "伶歌1")
Various Artists
Pure Music
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1 Disc(s)

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1:1 Direct Cut CD
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Rhymoi Music