Glimpses Of Tibet [1:1 Direct Cut CD]

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[24k Master Tape CDR 1:1 Direct Cut]

More than 10 original music, this album contains both Tibetans around the splendid form of folk music, also included a very unique  Xizang old court music and the professional classical music repertoire. Feel Ga creation, by the Tibetan Dr. composer parallel effort ensemble with dozens of elite performers of the China National Symphony Orchestra, the Central Conservatory of Music and the China Philharmonic Orchestra.

Song List
Disc #1
  1.   六字真言 The Six Syllable Mantra
  2.   儀式 Rites
  3.   果諧•篝火 Gorshe-Circle Dance
  4.   弦子•香格里拉 Biwang Dance Of Shangri-La
  5.   紮念風韻 Charm Of The Zamnian
  6.   達果雪山歌 Echoes Of Mountain Song
  7.   辭嘉•對歌 Antiphonal Song
  8.   古格黃昏 Ruins Of The Ancient Guge
  9.   囊瑪•吉祥光 Nang Ma
  10.   夏日的林卡 Linka –The Summer Garden
  11.   卡爾魯 Karlu
  12.   菩薩頌 The praises of Bodhisattva
Various Artists
Pure Music
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)

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1:1 Direct Cut CD
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Rhymoi Music