Danny Summer [am'] [1:1 Direct Cut CD]

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[24k Master Tape CDR 1:1 Direct Cut]

Although "am' has been released in multiple versions, the effect is already outstanding, but only the best level for 24k stamper the CDR, 1:1 master direct cut CD is the best of all. The entire sound field is static the positioning of the instrument is very accurate, dynamic. Danny Summer recorded "am'" during the low point in his life, so the song is full of his true feelings.

Song List
Disc #1
  1.   假如
  2.   浪子心聲
  3.   心債
  5.   明星
  6.   風繼續吹
  7.   隨想曲
  8.   最愛是誰
  9.   霧之戀
  10.   Goodbye My Love
Danny Summer
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)

Audiophile Info

Audiophile Format:
1:1 Direct Cut CD
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Tian Xian Records