2010 marantz High End Audiophile Test Demo SACD 12th Edition

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MW Mastering for Audiophile Listener
MW Coding Process

Song List
Disc #1
  1.   Nature Bay (extended live recording) - George Carlo and His Band
  2.   A Dance With You - Phaedra and Her Band
  3.   Dat Dare (from album POP POP) - Ricky Lee Jones
  4.   Pack Your Memories - Lils Mackintosh
  5.   My One And Only Love (1967 recorded in Decca Studio) - Ben Webster
  6.   Escuolo (live recording) - Prisma Ensemble
  7.   Back Crow - Saskia Groenenberg and Band
  8.   On The Job - Wilm Essed and Henk Sprengen
  9.   Harumi (from Khama Akash recording) - Circle Percussion
  10.   Body And Soul (from album KI Pearl 30th anniversay) - Katelijine van Otterloo
  11.   Verdi / La Traviata - NL Ballet Orchestra
  12.   Symphonische Suite Elektra - Utrechtsch Studenten Concert
  13.   String Quartet - 3 - Dutch Strings
  14.   Green Carter - Enigma
Various Artists
Pure Music, English
No. of Disc:
1 Disc(s)

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STS Digital