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About Us MAL Audio Limited ("MAL"), a Canadian company incorporated in British Columbia. Primarily business of MAL is retailing and wholesaling audio and video software products such as compact disc (CD), video disc (VCD), digital video disc (DVD). The first MAL retail store was opened in August 1990, the Richmond location was opened in 1993. Began at times when LP and cassette tape were the primarily medias in the industry, until today, when the audio/visual market is dominated by higher technology products in Blu-ray Disc and Audiophile CD. Over the years, MAL is proud to maintain its no.1 principle-"Selling Originals Only"; ensuring customers will always get high quality, original products.

MAL Online Store - Established in May 2003, malmusic.com is MAL's B-2-C e-commerce arm. In addition to providing online shopping convenience to the customers, it also serves to upgrade MAL's customer service at its retail outlets. As a result, MAL's market share is further consolidated. What is more important, the website extends MAL's sales network to other North American cities, even other parts of the world. Over the years, MAL has been working with various media (TV, radio, newspaper and magazine) to launch its advertising and promotional campaigns. To maintain exposure to the public, we have sponsored multiple music-related programs and concerts, we have also organized the fans parties for a number of hit singers:

2005: Nan Pong's Autograph Session at MAL Aberdeen Store

2003: Adam Cheng's Fans Party at MAL Burnaby Store

2003: Candy Lo's "Be My Valentine" Fans Party at MAL Richmond Store

2002: Richie Jen's Fans Party at MAL Burnaby Store

2000: CoCo Lee's Fans Party at MAL Richmond Store

1999: Ng Kwok King, Wu Qi Long and Tai Chi’s Fans Party at MAL Richmond Store

1998: Andy Hui's Fans Party at MAL Vancouver Store

1994: Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui, Coco Li, Edmond Leung, Chen Ho Man, Cheung Shong Tak, Cheung Shong Kei and Stephanie Che’s Fans Party at MAL Richmond Store.

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